Ruud Hisgen ~ Top 5 foods voted most likely to be missed when leaving the Netherlands

The Direct Dutch Institute recommends speaking Dutch as often as possible – even if all your Dutch colleagues speak English, and even if you only know a few words of Dutch. Ruud Hisgen gives you some food for thought and conversation.

The way to an international’s heart is through the stomach, is a truth universally acknowledged. For our recent contest, a free Dutch intensive course, we begged the question: “Which Dutch food item will you miss most if you move back to your home country?”

Over 350 contestants told us what Dutch food item they’d miss most. Drop (liquorice) appears to be the least favourite of over 36 food items, which included: kibbeling (deep-fried cod bits), oliebol (doughnut ball), speculaas (spiced biscuit), appeltaart (apple pie), gevulde koek (almond filling cake), patat (French fries), kroket (croquette), pannenkoek (pancake), and hagelslag (chocolate sprinkles).

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