Welcome to Delta Works Online

The site is one of the biggest and most complete online resources of information about the Delta Works and water management in the Netherlands.

The Delta Works are viewable in many ways on our website. Through the use of photographs, animations, audio, video and virtual tours we try to give you a complete picture of the enormous scale of all the different works. The site is ideal as a resource for your thesis, or to show your family and friends (possibly abroad) this small marvel of Dutch Water Engineering.

Apart from informaiton on the North Sea flood of 1953, the building of the deltaworks and water management in the Netherlands, the site also covers related topics. These topics elaborate on the relation between water management, nature and recreation.

Since 2004 we have worked very hard on DeltaWorks Online. Over 40 volunteers, students and professionals have helped with the construction of our own small deltawork. Thanks to their support our current website covers over 1400+ pages illustrated with over 2000+ multimedia items.

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